Those whom he lived with respected him.

Your cell phone rang a minute ago.


I would even simply leave the word "strangely".


I never really trusted Mann.

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I'm sorry for what happened to you.

The old lady got off the bus.

Liyuan invited me inside.

Now you owe me.

I'd like to get off at the next stop.


Stay down!

Safety is the primary concern.

I thought Sandra would prepare the food for us.

What do you suppose Kirsten wants?

Because of heavy rain my car broke down.

Clay lost hope.

That's the problem with this job.


Kathy wants to know what Johann said about him.


He seems to be interested in astronomy.

Why did King leave so suddenly?

I have an appointment at three.


Knute vowed to rescue Liza.

Shizuoka, one of Japan's prefectures, faces the Pacific Ocean.

Our leader will know what to do.


If you want to become thin, you should cut back on the between-meal snacks.

Miriam has gone back to his hotel.

While I had pneumonia, I just languished in my room, waiting to recover.

The sheep are in the pen.

What should've happened?


You're the only one who knows how to get to Thomas's house.


I don't agree at all.

I'm just happy to see you.

I'm not going to take it any more.

We are all foreigners in other countries.

I'm talking about them.

Anyone can offend an artist's sensibilities, but no one seems to wish to support artists financially.

The restaurant we went to wasn't as expensive as I expected it to be.

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Once elected, I will do my best for all of you who supported me.

How could you do this to me?

I'm surprised they let Cary in here.

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Life is as a box of matches. Treating it cautiously is foolish, not treating it cautiously is dangerous.

Please help me find a job.

The fishmonger guarantees the origin and freshness of his products.

He never visited him.

He worked out a new formula.

Lloyd is very good at imitating the way Harvey talks.

Susumu is simple.

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Don't bank too much on that business.

Elizabeth wants this one.

If you want to kiss me, then kiss me.


Dan managed to get Linda's fingerprints.

He added sugar to his coffee.

Something needs to be done about this right away.


Thanks for coming back.

May I make another suggestion?

She got married last year.


It just wasn't appropriate.


Why did you get so angry at his mistake?

No other river in Japan is longer than the Shinano.

Has Elizabeth given you anything?

Everyone else does it.

Would you please turn the TV off?


Did Eliot talk to you about that?


Isabelle was asleep when I left.

I had no idea what I should write.

We can't stop Liyuan.

Do you want some raisins?

That was a great party.

There is nothing new under the sun but there are lots of old things we don't know.

The noise came from somewhere in there.

He used to be a quiet man.

I think you've been listening to the wrong people.

I have to give back the book before Saturday.

Wendi was impressed by Steve's cooking.

So is it 19 or is it 20?

Lenny can't believe how stupid Jan is.

I don't know how Paris is the most visited city in the world.

Stephan eats cat food.

That had never happened to me before.

This is way too dangerous for a child to play with.

There were six candidates for queen.

Edmond knew all about it.


Where can I get some help?

I don't have any way of getting hold of Conrad.

They drink coffee at home.


This program is going to focus on computer hacking issues today.


I am nobody's enemy.

Kristian traded his old computer for a guitar.

She is a very attractive woman.

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He is equal to the task.

Are you going to go with them?

It's a bit tricky.

And that's that!

We aren't competitive.

While at the fabric store, a small boy discovered large rolls of uncut fabric, which he unrolled and hid under, cackling like twelve squirrels.

I said be quiet!

What makes you think the Middle East is more important than the Pacific islands?

Take the jug to the dining room.

Milo was attacked by Nici's sister.

I don't think they've fully adapted to the working world yet. They still seem like students.

I've been where you are right now.

Cover the macaroni fully with water.

She doesn't like snakes and mathematics.

Of all the places I've been, Alaska is the most beautiful.

I prefer to be looked upon as a teacher.

Air as well as sunlight is, needless to say, indispensable to our daily life.


No one has that right.

We're getting out of here in a moment.

Srivatsan doesn't have what it takes to make it around here.

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You must see to it that the cakes do not burn.


Don't despair.


I lie on the grass.


Knute was taken by surprise.

They got over to the other side while the light was red.

Bonnie is no longer amused.

English is spoken in a lot of countries.

We'll see each other again someday.

I'll call them myself.

I hope they like me.


Water is leaking into my goggles. I don't think they fit right.


I'm not sure if I'm right.

The hawk caught a mouse.

I've seen you with them.

The train is 10 minutes late today.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

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Harold and his dog sleep in the same room.

Let's move on.

I think you've been lucky.

The forest was silent then.

They were all there.


That sandwich really does smell good.

A new road is under construction.

She takes after her mother.


The prodigal son returned home.

All you have to do is sign this paper.

I saw it on the news.

There is not enough bread for so much chorizo.

I hope it was worth it.

I am ready to do anything to make up for the loss.

You found yourself a nice guy.


This psychological study investigates the cognitive factors of memory.

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Who's the guy over there?

We'll be seeing you, Soohong.

I take great pleasure in studying English in high school.

Can we switch seats?

The boy looks like his father.

That seems reasonable enough.

Can we, humans, digest grass and take a nurishment from it?


Being short is a disadvantage to a volleyball player.

She advanced her watch ten minutes.

This crowd makes me anxious.

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I have to say I envy you.

A light, airy puff flows from this perfume.

Can you see?

He went to a fruit store first.

He made a bad decision.


I would've sent them money.

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I'm not familiar with that.


They'll be very happy together.

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We're not gonna make it, are we?